Sheet Metal

Brooker Sheet Metal Division has a market reputation for high innovation and quality technical production staff, allowing us to meet your needs in the most challenging projects from which most competitors would walk away.

Our highly resourced production plant is equipped with the latest automated CNC equipment including cutting machines, bending units, punch press systems, and press brakes that allow forming up material up to 8m metres in length.

We deal comfortably with the largest orders right down to the strictly niche requirements in all sheet metal including aluminium, steel and stainless steel (plus we provide associated welding).

The Brooker Sheet Metal division has wide reach and provides solutions for:

  • Contract sheet metal companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Mining industry and its supply chain
  • Defence Industry needs
  • Construction industry requirements
  • Agricultural machinery and rural sector
  • Home improvement companies
  • Switchboard manufacturers
  • And the general building market
Brooker Engineering