Formwork Services

In this specialised area of building construction, Brooker is recognised as Australia’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of Standard & Specialty Formwork as well as Construction & Civil Engineering Equipment.

We are the only company that manufactures its formwork 100% in Australia.

All our steel is bought from Australian steel companies and formwork manufactured to strict Australian Standards.

We provide solutions to users right across the industry spectrum: from formworkers, building and construction companies through to wholesalers, end users and manufacturers.

Our higher grade steel is always 350-450 grade, whereas the majority of imported steel used by competitors is grade 150, which has a much lower tolerance

Wholesalers and end users are the main beneficiaries as this is high grade steel which you cannot get from overseas.

We manufacture to very consistent Quality Standards and all our steel fabrication is 100% guaranteed for design and performance – this is a national guarantee.

With a proven track record, we have been providing innovative and cost-effective formwork solutions for use in major residential, commercial, civil, industrial, and mining applications in Australia for over 40 years.

All our formwork is manufactured completely to client specifications.

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